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Life insurance – hazardous risks and extreme sports

High risk activities, dangerous or extreme sports: give yourself a customized life insurance

Most insurers include an exclusion or an additional premium in your contract or simply refuse your application, given the greater risk of death from the recreational or competitive sport you engage in.

Here are some examples of sports insurance companies considered risky:

  • Hang-gliding, skydiving and other aerial sports
  • Rock-climbing
  • Scuba-diving at depths of more than 30 metres (or snorkeling), under ice or in shipwrecks
  • Recreation flying
  • Skydiving
  • Racing in motorized vehicles: motorcycles, cars, boats…
  • Bungee jumping, base jumping
  • Heliskiing (off-track), back-country skiing
  • Combat sports
  • Etc.

Except that … Did you know that certain insurers will protect you WITHOUT additional premiums or exclusion?

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