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Critical Illness insurance

Have you thought about the consequences of a disability caused by a critical illness? In order to avoid unnecessary stress and allow you to concentrate on your recovery in such difficult moments, opt for critical illness insurance. It ensures greater financial stability.

Critical illness insurance can take care of supplementary expenses not covered by government programs without involving your savings or requiring further debt. This contract makes it possible, among other results, to:

  • Obtain treatments and other diagnostic services more quickly in Canada or abroad
  • Cover the loss of income of a spouse who must be partially or entirely away from work for determined periods
  • Pay for childcare
  • Assist in costs related to homecare
  • Pay costs of adapting a vehicle or a home

Types of contract:

  • 10-year term, renewable until age 75 and convertible until age 65
  • 20-year term
  • Uniform premium term until age 75, released after 15 years or at age 65 or payable until age 75
  • Uniform premium term until age 100, released after 15 years or at age 65 or lifetime payable


  • Reimbursement of premiums at death
  • Reimbursement of premiums upon cancellation or expiration of the coverage
  • Premium waiver
  • Automatic increase of benefit

contracts usually include a referral to medical support to allow the insured to find the best care possible (e.g.: Best Doctors, Health Resources and Technology).

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