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The MédicAssurance advantage

A team at your service

By confiding the management and administration of your group insurance plan to MédicAssurance, you enjoy a number of advantages.

7 good reasons for working with MédicAssurance

1. Plans structured to reflect your priorities and customized coverage
  • Travel insurance and cancellation and interruption insurance
  • Critical illness insurance
  • Short and long-term disability insurance with a flexible waiting period
  • Complementary healthcare

2. Greater regularity in group insurance costs and a strategic lowering of premiums
  • Flexible or customized deductibles

3. A comfortable premium collection method and simplified claims
  • Premiums collected according to various methods and frequencies of payment, in particular by credit card
  • Claim payment by direct deposit
  • Claims payment administered by MédicAssurance for drugs, healthcare and dental care
  • Direct payment card

4. Personal tracking of claims and immediate response to member needs
  • A courteous, attentive team available from 8:30 am to 5 pm to advise insureds and answer their questions
  • Advice services of an actuary, pharmacist and consulting physician
  • Offer of a second medical diagnosis at no charge

5. Clear messages and technology serving the insured
  • Secure portal dedicated to members
  • Mobile app
  • Information to members and circulation of health bulletins

6. Better control of drug costs with the application of the lowest price policy and compulsory generic substitution
  • Innovative and exceptional drugs appearing on the RAMQ list are covered
  • Generic, biosimilar and step therapy drug policy
  • Two methods of drug payment are offered, i.e. usual and customary payment according to the fees demanded by pharmacists or lowest price payment

7. Continuous innovation focused on service excellence and commitment quality
  • Postal pharmacy available (economy of scale and postal distribution)
  • Financial contributions from MédicAssurance to support your activities
  • Deployment of efforts necessary to identify over-consumption and prevent fraud

The trusted partner committed to optimum management of your group insurance

With MédicAssurance, you will acquire a group insurance plan that has been studied and developed to precisely meet your evolving needs.

We take our mission of supporting you in managing and controlling your healthcare costs very seriously, so that we can offer your members a plan that is designed to reflect their realities.

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